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The Imam’s Daughter


Who is Hannah Shah?

“One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: that word is love”. Sophocles

Hannah Shah is a 32-year-old British woman of Pakistani Muslim parentage. After Hannah left her home in the north of England, and finished her schooling, she took a degree in Theology and Religious Studies. Hannah Shah now lives in the south of England where she is increasingly in demand to give talks and support others facing similar situations. She married for love in Spring 2008.

Hannah has been helping other women in similar situations since she left home at 16yrs old. She has set up this website to share some of what she has learnt from her experience and the work and research she has done over the years. If you want to ask her a question click here. You may be somebody who is in a difficult situation and want to ask for some advice on how to get help click here. You may be a youth worker, social worker or a teacher trying to help a client/student and want advice on how to help them in the best way, please use this opportunity and click here. The questions are confidential and will only be seen by Hannah.

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