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How to Help Others

Are you a youth worker, social worker, teacher
or police officer or in another profession coming
into contact with vulnerable Asian women?
This page is for you.

Some tips on how to help:

  1. Understand that many of these ladies come from families who are part of the shame and honour culture, which is very different to the Western culture we live in. Try and read books and talk to them about there cultural background. Click here for helpful book reviews.
  2. Does the lady understand English and know the choices she has whatever her situation? Help her by getting the information she needs, in her own language.
  3. If parents are trying to force a young lady into marriage it may not be the best thing for you to talk to the family as she might disappear without warning. It would be better to talk to her about what her options are if she needs help, give her the number of the forced marriage unit and the forced marriage helpline. Click here for these numbers.
  4. If the young lady is talking to you about emotional, mental or physical abuse it may not be in her best interest for you to go and talk to the family as this could make matters even more difficult for her. She needs to know what the other options are if she wants to leave. What are the numbers for the NSPCC and Refuges in the area (if she is over 18)? Click here for these numbers. She needs to know her legal rights as well as what support she can get to help her, whatever she decides to do.
  5. If a young lady tells you she has converted to another religion. Ask these questions:
    1. Does her family know about this conversion and how have they reacted?
    2. If her family know are they threatening her, is she safe?
    3. Which religion has she converted to? If Christianity, then is the local church involved in helping her?
    4. What support and protection can she get if she needs it?
    5. Would it be safe for her if you talk to the family or would it make the situation worse?
  6. Lastly read books and talk to experts from different organisations, go on training courses so you can understand the Asian culture. You can ask for more tips, click here to ask Hannah.