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Lavender Fields


About my Book

"I cannot be silent about what happened to me and what is still happening to countless other girls and young women today."


Hannah Shah is an Imam's daughter. She lived the life of a devout family of Muslims in England but, behind the front door she was a caged butterfly. For many years, her father abused her in the cellar of their home. At 16 she discovered a plan to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, and she ran away. Worst of all, from her family's point of view, she converted to Christianity and eventually found freedom - to live (and marry) as she wished, and to be free of the shame of her childhood.

Offering a remarkable look at the lifestyle and beliefs of her family, and the rigid ideas of 'shame' and 'honour' they used to oppress her, The Imam's Daughter also shines a light on contemporary Western culture. Most of all, though, this is the inspiring story of Hannah Shah herself. How, through her courage and tenacity, she broke free from her background and embraced a new life in the world beyond its confines.

Book cover The Imam's Daughter
by Hannah Shah

Rider Books, £7.99
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